Buyers & Recyclers of Post-Industrial Plastic Scrap

(215) 331-5972

We buy post-industrial scrap plastic from ABS to Zytel.

Our large Philadelphia warehouse handles a wide range of post-industrial plastics, including:

  • nylon (all forms & colors; filled or unfilled),
  • Acetal (all forms),
  • Delrin (all forms),
  • HDPE,
  • LDPE,
  • PC,
  • PEI and PEI GF,
  • PP,
  • PVDF,
  • TPO, and
  • TPU

in the following forms:

  • parts,
  • bales,
  • rolls,
  • purge, and
  • regrind.

We also buy cardboard loose or baled. We may consider post-consumer materials depending on its volume and type.

Not sure if the scrap material you have qualifies? Call us at (215) 331-5972 or fill out our contact form to find out.

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